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We make investments across the capital structure.

Our Businesses

We have the flexibility to make $10-100+ million investments across the capital structure. Our investment mandate includes credit, private equity, public equity, and structured solutions.

Private Credit

Sagard Private Credit currently invests in proprietary credit opportunities in public and private mid-market companies. We provide financing to companies across the capital structure, including term loans, notes, mezzanine financing, and other bespoke solutions.

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Private Equity

Sagard builds businesses in partnership with management teams and other like-minded long-term investors. We take a hands-on approach. We deliver operating, strategic, and financial expertise to help each company achieve its full potential over the long-term.

Public Equity

Sagard invests in middle-market public companies that exhibit sound underlying business fundamentals, and quality management at valuations that generate double-digit returns over an indefinite holding period. Our portfolio is highly concentrated.

Healthcare Royalties

Sagard makes income-generating investments in the biopharmaceutical industry in North America. We focus on investments in approved and commercialized assets protected by strong intellectual property.

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