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Sagard Holdings invests in equity and debt capital of middle market companies in the US and Canada.

About Us

Founded in 2005 as an investment platform of Power Corporation of Canada, Sagard today operates from New York and Toronto. Sagard specializes in conducting deep, proprietary analysis and working constructively alongside management teams of small and mid-sized public and private companies in North America. With a flexible mandate, Sagard can invest anywhere in the capital structure, tailoring investments to the needs of companies. Since inception, Sagard has proven itself to be a stable and supportive partner to over 30 corporations.

Investment Approach

Sagard offers a differentiated value proposition to companies looking for supportive, long-term shareholders and capital providers. We conduct extensive due diligence to build high conviction in our investments. We look past quarterly results to focus on strategic and operating priorities that drive value. We aim to work side-by-side with great management teams and boards as business builders, regardless of where we invest in the capital structure. We have the flexibility to hold many of our investments indefinitely, and we evaluate our performance on a cumulative, long-term basis.

Our Guiding Principles
  1. We are one team at Sagard Holdings. While we have teams working on credit, private equity, and public equity opportunities, we operate as one entity.
  2. We believe sharing insights from all parts of the team in an open forum drives better investment decisions. We create a constructive environment for members of the team to voice their views.
  3. We share outcomes through alignment of interest. We are hands-on owners and builders of our business.
  4. Our reputation is paramount and is the foundation of our ability to conduct business.
  5. We build partnerships through transparency and integrity. We look to honor our commitments.
  6. We seek to build long-term relationships with our people, the management teams we invest in, our investors, and all the people that cross our paths.
  7. We believe that investment returns come from intense diligence, thoughtful structuring, and rigorous management.

Power Corporation of Canada is a diversified international management and holding company founded in 1925. Power Corporation has a vast network spanning multiple industries, 30+ million customer relationships, and assets under administration of CAD $1.4 trillion. Power enhances shareholder value by actively managing operating businesses and investments which can generate long-term, sustainable growth in earnings and dividends. Value is best achieved through a prudent approach to risk and through responsible corporate citizenship. Power Corporation aims to act like an owner with a long-term perspective and a strategic vision anchored in strong core values.