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Flexible Capital Provider

Bespoke investments tailored to our portfolio companies’ needs, spanning debt, private equity, public equity, and hybrid securities.

Deep Fundamental Investment Analysis

Primary, proprietary understanding of markets, customers, competitors, and financials to identify key value drivers.

Long Term Investor

Sagard looks beyond temporary market fluctuations and focuses on the long-term value of portfolio companies.

Support and Insight

Draw on Sagard’s strategic, operating, and financial capabilities and leverage resources, and network of Power Corporation of Canada.


Sagard Holdings invests in equity and debt capital of middle market companies in the US and Canada.

Founded in 2005 as an investment platform of Power Corporation of Canada, Sagard today operates from New York and Toronto. Sagard specializes in conducting deep, proprietary analysis and working constructively alongside management teams of small and mid-sized public and private companies in North America. With a flexible mandate, Sagard can invest anywhere in the capital structure, tailoring investments to the needs of companies. Since inception, Sagard has proven itself to be a stable and supportive partner to over 30 corporations.


We make investments across the capital structure.

Private Credit
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Private Equity
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Public Equity
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Seasoned financial, strategic, and operational professionals

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Selected Portfolio Companies
  • Bauer
  • Cascade
  • Dominion Lending Centres
  • Easton
  • Full House Resorts
  • GP Strategies
  • IntegraMed Fertility
  • Jaguar Health
  • LogicMark
  • Maverik
  • NXT-ID
  • PROS
  • Seisa Medical
  • Founders Advantage Capital

    Portfolio Companies

  • Founders Advantage Capital

    Portfolio Companies

  • Astley Gilbert
  • Club 16
  • Impact Radio Accessories
  • View portfolio